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Diversity and Inclusion…

Diversity and Inclusion are celebrated things in society nowadays. They are respected and acclaimed in western society and in all places today. Having representations from all ethnic backgrounds and religions and casts it is so important that it is a sell-sell point whether it is fashion, education, hirings in any job and it is already there.
But why ? It is because diversity  is life saving. For example having dosens calculations for any pateint, it must  have diversification meaning for men, women and children. Another one is if manufacturer were to design cupboards for clothing and it has the height adjustment for females only, neglecting men and children, it will result in great loss for the business and the common ones won’t buy it. It is of no use for others.
Diversification also get into games of education, see if all the books were written in one language it will result in great deprivation. Books have all languages for others to have chance at better education. Diversity is merit ! and flourishes the society and cultures. we should respect it and own it. It allows us to explore and accept the differences between two sides in a friendly environment.
As Malcolm Forbes says;
“The art of thinking independently together”

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