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Good Old Times !

What does this picture remind you of ? Everyone of us will refer this picture to a different sequence of events that happened in our past. But what actually it reminds us of is how carefree and relaxing days we had in our childhood specially 🙂 Growing up a in a house with financial responsiblities on our parents we never cared about money and just went with the flow. The meetings with relatives and cousins specially ❤ those were the memorable days.

When we had no tension for upcoming exams, no stress of getting extra marks and no problem in being an ordinary average student, those were the days this picture reminds us about.

Now we are totally dumped in a pile of responsibilities where we can’t even care about our mental health, the worry for the family keeps us awaken until they are fully fed.

When was the last time you thought that you should work on yourself ? You should give yourself sometime so you can have a good time relaxing from this busy world ?  but this is life my friends, everyone’s destiny is written by GOD and he/she is gonna achieve it in a different manner but definitely they will achieve it ♥

Good moments can’t be felt in the best manner until you have the worst days ! Similarly feeling of freedom can’t be felt until you have felt like a slave before. So stay strong everyone and keep working hard and a day will come that you will be strong enough to not let your odds overcome you.

Whenever you feel bad, or you are upset just remember how good the old days were because in coming life you are going to have even better ones

Every end is a new beginning

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