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Kalam, A beautiful city <3

Monday, 24th May 2021, after being seated for over 4 hours in the car we finally reached Kalam. Indeed a beautiful city having dual characters of Village and City. It was around 4 pm when we landed on a long street and looked over for a room. Prices were almost the same as MJ’s but there were expensive ones also and we decided to have an ordinary one that costed us 2000 RS. Our plan was to stay there for 2 days so at the day of arrival we just had our dinner around 7:30 pm and then went to our room. Through out our journey of 7 days we constantly dealt with internet issues and same was the problem here. We were in our room without internet and any social network but we still had only 1 Zong sim working 🙂 . We talked to our families somehow and then three of us had a long chat. We discussed life, the past, the present and the future one, we discussed our personal affairs, we discussed our relations. Our bonding grew stronger and we opened up to each other. We then slept at about 09:30 pm and woke up at almost 04:30 am. it was a little dark again and in the freezing water I performed ablution and offered my Fajr prayer and then I woke my friends up. We were staying on first floor so we had a great view among the best corners of Kalam.

The Picture says it all. It was among the best mornings we had, the peace within, the fresh atmosphere and the natural beauty was soothing us real good. I sat in the silence for a while observing the flow of river, the ducks in near balcony and the birds enjoying the whether. Along that we played some songs and had a session of photography, got some good pictures so we can finally update our FB profile picture after an year :D.

After that we went for the breakfast, it was as usual anda paratha and a hot tea making it a perfect combo for a morning in Kalam. After that we decided to go on the route for exploring Kalam. We rented a fiedel car for 1700 RS for the whole day, the driver was supposed to take us everywhere and stop where ever we want. The first stop in the way was USHU Forest. What can I say about that ? Tall trees and with prefect distance between each tree in a uniform pattern through the land.

USHU Forest

It was really amazing to explore a wildlife habitat because the locals told us that animals usually roam around here in night and specially in winters because they come down from the top of mountains. Among those were monkeys, the commonest ones, wolf, bears and sometimes tigers were also seen. We had a good time there taking pictures and then we moved further. Mean while during the track we also encountered something strange, actually they were multiple graveyards on mountaneous slopes, with being an adventure there it also became a little scary. Well, we moved and the next stop was a huge Glacier. It was my first sighting of a glacier, we sat under the glacier that contained a small space and a cold breeze flew through our bodies taking all the negativities away. we had some refreshments there and after staying for 25-30 minutes we went ahead. We reached Aabshar and due that construction ahead this was our last stop. Amazing views entertained us for a long time but the locals said that the best view was after that construction area that comprised of Mahodand Lake. According to people that location was a piece of heaven on earth but unfortunately we didn’t have access to that area. So finally we returned after a long trip of the day, had our dinner at 08: pm and then we spent a little money on shopping. We bought few things for the family and some others and then we went to the room to have some sleep because next day morning we had to leave for Shogran. Similarly we woke up next day, had our breakfast and in a local bus we left for shogran on 26th May 2021. That’s how a trip of a beautiful city ended.

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