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Medicine ! What do you think when you hear this word ? being an ordinary indivisual everyone thinks that it is a tablet, capsule or any other kind of drug that is given to a patient when he is sick. Well, you are right as long as you think like a non medical person because in medical profession, whether a doctor, dentist, nurse and all other related, knows that medicine is a huge field. Medicine is very a broad term and involve almost every aspect of hospital care. It includes the history, examination, diagnosis, treatment.These are only pateint related and there are many of them which I’ll explain in a later period. These terms are apparently vague but only few knows what they contain within. A Medical person can study whatever he wants or choose, but Medicine is the one that sticks with that person for lifetime. Studying medicine is never enough and even on the death bed a medical person being a senior most person in the field remain a student and have a lot of stuff to learn. That is the beauty of Medicine that it never allows any one to be 100% perfect and hence provide a platform to keep learning from every indivisual whether a senior or a junior, they all have respect for each other.

Medicine is a very noble profession, it guides us in multiple directions of life and let us learn to our maximum strength to make us a better person.

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