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We hired the same driver and his Jeep for the route to Naran. He was pretending to be a very sophisticated person and it seemed like he was champion of that location. We trusted him anyways and Left for Naran. The initial roads involved increasing industrialization by the Chinese government compromising the natural beauty with an addition of a pile of pollutants. Really not impressed by the start of Naran but as soon we entered the depth of the city, It gave us a warm welcome with a mesmerizing view . Going tardy through the street enclosed by the market on both side we realized it was going to be amazing. My Shariq led us to a hotel known as Faran Hotel, a 5 star hotel that charged us 4000 for a single night.

 At first we though it was a waste of money but a day later we realized it was worth it because it was constructed on one of the best locations and provided us with the best facilities. In the morning we had our Breakfast with a delicious handi and some chai paratha. After that we began our tour de Naran.Going through the roads of the city was indeed a peace of mind. In a jeep accompanied with no window but only Fresh air was really alluring. We stopped at multiple points to capture some pictures and to feel what playing with snow feels like because Naran was the only place where we had access to a tons of snow. That was a hell of fun. We crossfired the snow on each other and the whole public was onto us :D. After few more kilometers that pathway was closed by the snow, it was getting cleared by the machinery but they told us that they couldn’t make it today. Therefore we couldn’t make it to Babusar Top, the actual heaven on earth full of greenry and clouds and a temperature of almost negative, all of which give you goosebumps that what nature contains within. Being unlucky with Babusar, We decided to give a visit to Lake Saif ul Malook. We first went to our hotel for a few things and then at about 03:30 pm we left for Saif ul malook. Reached there but again unfortunately we couldn’t make it to the Lake. The reason behind this was the whole track was covered with snow and if we would still like to go then we have to walk the whole track that makes up 1.5 hours each side. Stading at the start at 04:00 pm everyone suggested us that we shouldn’t go further and so did we. If life gives us another chance at visiting northern areas, we would be definitely going there. But then we returned to our hotel with me being the most upset one because we missed something worth watching. My friends tried to cheer me up and fortunately they did :P. We spent our evening exploring the whole town and the market, also got into a random dance gathering and we really cheered alot. Being not very unsatisfied with our tour de Naran we still managed to enjoy enough and make the most of it. Sometimes, somethings are left behind to let it be finished on a later stage for a purpose and we look upon it as our sole purpose to visit Naran again :). The next morning we left Naran via local buses and reached Islamabad after a drive of about 10 hours, a very hectic one and also we had our faces sunburned :P.

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