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We left Kalam on 26th May 2021 at about 10:00 am. The road to Shogran was a very long one and after a drive of 11 hours 30 minutes we reached there finally. Leaving Kalam after a dirve of 4 hours we went Mingora, from that location we rented a Corolla that charged us 9000 RS for Shogran. After reaching the base of the area we again rented a Jeep that on a mountaneous track took us to the top at the location that you see in the above picture. It’s Beautiful, isn’t it ? Well, the actual beauty was about to come in the morning but for that night we went out, had some roll paratha and burgers, that to be our dinner and there was also a small market from which we bought a few things. Next we went into our room, a good one though here we also had geysar that provided us a lot of comfort. Anyway we slept and woke up at 5, a little later as compared to previous locations because this was much comforting. I can never forget the view I had from the window, Snow covered mountains, greenry, collections of houses with different colours, the rising smoke from the kitchen outside and then once again the cold breeze flew through me in a way that I got free from the worries of this world, and that careless moment was for lifetime. Anyways, this was the first location where we had our first bath after we started our trip on 23rd May :). Felt really relieved after the bath and we got ready to go to see the real beauty that lies above all that is know as Siri Paye Meadows. Around 8 Kilometers on a mountain were already adventurous but the moment we reached the paye meadows was unbelieveable. OH MY GOD !!! is that for real ? does this place really exist on earth ? Well Yes ! Here is the picture that describes our losing minds

Paye Meadows <3

After a few minutes when we came back from our imaginary world we started to explore the location. We were just standing under the clouds and it was just a matter of few feets that we could touch them. We went sideways, it was a long way on a very narrow track but somehow we managed to go further but later on we found out that we cannot go any further because it was blocked the the glaciers ahead, so we decided to choose a different path. We almost went to the top and sat there for a while to feel what it feels like to be free from this world, just to feel what heaven would look like and trust me, whoever goes to locations like these, gets free from the problems of this world. We took some pictures and then after a period of 2 hours we decided to go back, It was hard to leave a place like that but during that we met some local children there. They actually got inspired by the speaker we were having so they asked us to record them while they dance. They just got started and I coulnd’t stop myself from joining them and so did I.

The Love for Traveling since then has always been increasing

A lot of fun and finally we were ready to leave. We, reluctantly, left and after and hour we reached our room and decided to leave for Naran that afternoon. We packed our bags, loaded into the jeep and left for Naran and that is how the trip of an unforgettable location ended beautifully.

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