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Sometimes, we need a Break !!!

Well, everyone have bad days in life but some are those that we bury in our hearts for life ! Let’s have an overview of some of those events that always remind us that whatever happens, only ourself is with us till the end of the line !

Remember how we used to have fun in schools ? Same are the people who doesn’t have time even for a meetup or a gathering.

Used to have friends whome you called bros ? Those are the people who we see only in stories now.

Ever got a bestfriend ? Whome you have told every secret of your precious life, the friend who is always present for you, the one you can count on, having best days of life with him but even then, there are moments when we cannot catch along and you feel the real loneliness in life !

How lonely is human being ? Came alone in this world, will always work for others and not himself and will die and leave this world in the loneliest manner alone.

In search of gold we have lost diamond

Sometimes we have to go in a disguise mode to disappear from this world and seek refuge in nature and silence so we may find peace

So indeed, Sometimes, we need a break !!!

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